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In addition to the incredibly valuable and profitable learning and networking opportunities that regular attendees receive for just, our 15 VIP Ticket Holders have access to…

  • VIP dinner and private networking session after the Cocktail Party on Thursday night;
  • An Accelerator Lunch with your trainers on Friday;
  • 3 x Wealth Dynamics Profile Tokens (this is one of the most valuable leadership predictive profiles we have found because it focuses on strengths and gives practical insights)
  • A 90 Minute Team strategy session with Chandell and Brad to help you use the insights from your profile tests to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members and discover how to maximise motivation, productivity, and harmony. (While the tests are very helpful, sitting down with experts to process your results and identify gaps and blind spots as well as strengths and sources of conflict makes an incredible impact.)