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Almost everyone I speak to wants to
Convert, Scale And Sell More CONSISTENTLY
Without... Feeling Salesy.

When Chandell told me she was running this event,
I asked if I could invite my community to join -
And she said, "Yes."

At this Free Live Event You Will Discover Essential Elements of a Sales System That Creates a
Consistent - Predictable - Flow of Sales
that does not rely on pushy techniques


Helps you build long-term relationships with prospects and customers. 

Brought To You By Master Trainer Of NLP And Sales, Author, Speaker & Mentor, Chandell Labbozzetta

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Wednesday 29th March

Event starts at 10am AEDT

Why do most Business Owners & Sales Managers fail in sales?

Because there's so much promise thrown around to 'grow your sales' rather than focusing on SCALING SALES. 


The bottom line is, when it comes to building your sales system, if it's made for growth it will hinder the real opportunities to SCALE!

And WHY do we want to scale?

BECAUSE TO SCALE = an exponential multiplication of results that is far greater than the increased effort required to achieve it.

So if you want to have a reliable sales system...

This is where it all changes

To get elite results, your first priority is focusing on the right sales methods to scale your business. FAST.

 Our state-of-the-art Sales Acceleration Program enables business owners, sales managers, sales drivers and teams to make more authentic connections, let go of the 'sleazy sales tactics' with their prospects and ultimately consistently convert with confidence.

It empowers teams to transform into highly agile and sales machine with integrity that actually SCALE the business.

What This Event Is All About:

The most successful business owners & sales professionals in the world know a few secrets:

#1. Successful sales strategies are pivotal to unlocking your business potential & sustainably scaling your business
#2. Consistent sales conversion is a science not a guessing game
#3. Revolutionising the way you look at sales is the key to actually scaling, not merely growing
#4. There is a difference between selling harder & selling smarter
#5. Scaling a business takes the right kind of professional guidance from people that have the sales know how

In addition, the unique proven methods & strategies you will learn at this event can be applied to any business to massively scale your sales - whatever stage you're in!

  • How ANYONE in business can scale by closing smarter, not harder!
  • The Sales System That Creates Consistent Sales Weapons, Without 'Sleazy, Salesy' Vibes
  • Proven methods to get on same level as your prospects & position yourself as the authority!
  • Learn to connect authentically with your prospects from start to finish
  • Complete Sales Overhaul: The In-depth Step By Step Strategy To Optimising Your Sales Process & Scale By Selling With Integrity
  • Become A Master Of Sales And Consistently Close With Integrity & Authenticity
  •  And Consistently Close With The Art Of Positioning Your Business As The Dominant Force In Your Industry
  • The Art Of Positioning Your Business As The Dominant Force in Your Industry
  • End the lack of freedom because you're not scaling and start structuring & running your business how you always envisioned!

Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended

  • It's Being Presented By 'The Ultimate Scaling Strategist' behind some of the most successful companies in Australia
  • A Very Unique, Unusual Approach To Using Tailored Sales Strategies & Coaching To Seriously Propel Your Business (These Strategies Turn Your Business Into A Seamless Sales Machine!)
  • This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal, It's Only For Those Who Want To Make Their Business Thrive In A Sustainable And Ethical Way
  • Strategies For Success: Use The Power Of My Proven Sales Acceleration Program To Significantly Scale Your Business
  • You’ll be given the exact tools and techniques to become more innovative, authentic and agile than ever…. An absolute selling gun, without the ‘sleazy, salesy vibes’!

Get my sales system to sell with integrity and create consistent conversions

Who Is This Event For?

People Who Are:

In addition, the unique proven methods & strategies you will learn at this event can be applied to any business to massively scale your sales - whatever stage you're in!

  • Business Owners

Most business owners, who struggle, are busy with the day to day of their business. It's time to create the ultimate sales team that sell just like YOU, so you can finally step out of working in the business and scale!

  • Sales Managers

Consistently converting prospects is easy when you know what you are doing.

Build a sales team that is empowered to ‘sell as well’ as you do.

  • SME's

Every successful business needs a sales team that elevates your entire organisation and delivers real results.

Learn how to be the leader in your industry.

  • Sales Professionals

To change your mentality around sales, you need professional guidance. Without this, you'll remain stuck spinning your wheels with deals falling through left, right & centre. 

Most sales rely on "hustle & pressure" rather than connection & authenticity. Learn the art of sales that separate you from the rest.

  • Entrepreneurs

We cover the most up to date cutting edge sales methods and show you exactly how to apply this to your business.

So you're not left in your competitors dust trail.

  • And YOU!

Stop wondering how others convert with confidence and start applying strategies that put you in the forefront.

The time to exponentially scale your business is right now! Don't miss your chance.

Are you ready to SCALE your sales?

The sales industry is full of noise where coaches, trainers and consultants are making claims without follow through

Honestly, most of focus on the WRONG things & haven't even implemented the talk...

Successfully scaling a business is the sum of the right strategies, persistence, a growth mindset and

never giving up...

Adopt a proven sales method that consistently converts, without feeling salesy It's time to seriously SCALE!

Be part of the whole new dynamic and get ahead by shifting old paradigms & ways of thinking

Chandell Is Endorsed By Successful Business Owners All Over The Country








Business Skills & Sales skills after taking Confident Conversion (From no product to making sales within 90 days)


The formula for scaling her team to have more Coaches

Chandell has spoken on stages across Australia...

And held retreats for her mastermind coaching

Chandell is also an accomplished author of her book 'Confident Closing'

It's time to seriously level up your sales game in 2023 with Chandell's proven strategies...

Even the best business in the world is nothing without a specialised framework for success.

Check out what Chandell's clients have to say about their experience and results working with her...

Take a look at what others have to say about Chandell below...

After Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact, I had a much better understanding of what I needed to build for the sales portion of my business. 

Each module gives you actionable steps that you implement straight away to help you build a great sales process. 

I strongly recommend Confident Conversion if you are struggling with your sales process so that you can clearly define your process from start to finish.

Jeremy Streten
CEO, Business Legal Lifestyle


Chandell is brilliant.

Not only does she know her stuff thoroughly she has a great way of teaching and engaging with people so they get the most out of themselves and the process.

I learnt a great deal from Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact, from distinguishing between Why, What and How – especially with the help of the 4mat model.

Clarke Ching
Author of The Bottleneck Rules

Since implementing what I learned in Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact, I have had a 100% conversion rate from my initial sales conversations into our coaching program. The total contract value of these conversations alone was $82,000.

My conversion usually sits at around 50%, but 100% that is mind blowing.
What’s best is I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Jay Chapman
Senior Coach, The ZING Project

I was so lucky to be a part of a 5 day sales challenge with Chandell. Her style, techniques and knowledge resonated with me completely, and her ability to teach skills around the psychology of sales had me rewatching the videos over and over again until they expired. They helped shift my mindset on my bad days, and I've now just signed up to a new 30 Day course with Chandell and her team, which I couldn't be more excited about. Thank you again Chandell!

Kylie Barry

Struggling to break into a new industry, Chandell's knowledge and positive attitude was invaluable in providing me with a clear direction, assisting me to connect with prospective customers and close new business quicker.

 Phil Symonds

I just wish I had worked with Chandell , Paul and the team years earlier than I did. Life is so much easier and getting better all the time since beginning the course. Anyone thinking about taking the next step, just do it. Stop wasting energy and start using it wisely in a far more positive way.

Andrea Kallinikos

Chandell is the ultimate coach and absolute master of her craft. She has inspired and supported me in becoming the best version of myself. Overcoming fears, insecurities and trauma that held me back, Chandell has armed me with the tools to take charge of my life and develop a positive mindset, attitude and methods which have made an incredible impact on my life. Life changing is an understatement. I am beyond grateful for Chandell and the life puzzle team.

Amanda Elena

Chandell is an amazing Coach, she has helped me so much finding myself, my vision and my goals. Not only has she helped me on my personal level but also in my business. 10+ Stars Her knowledge is so powerful and her guidance through out this journey is just incredible.

Thank you Chandell

Amanda Elena

Working with Chandell is life changing professionally and personally. I would highly recommend working with her to unlock your potential

Marie Drever

I have been using various services from LifePuzzle for over 11 years, including sales coaching, executive coaching, NLP training, and team development. I highly recommend Chandell and the team at LifePuzzle for Keynote presentations, as well as supercharging sales teams.

Steve Psaradellis

I loved doing the 'Confident Conversion" course with Chandell, it brought so many takeaways and held me accountable to put theory into practice. Having participated in quite some sales training in the past I have to say that the inclusion of NLP and an invested coach makes the difference.

Oliver Crombach

Life Puzzle provides amazing content through easily accessible platforms. The relevance of information sees me and using elements on a daily basis, months after the program concluded.

My experience is that Life Puzzles program outcomes are sustainable in the long term.

Chandell is a true star! Providing forthright advice in an empathetic manner that drives action and results, Chandell's approach has underpinned my personal and sales performance growth.

Simply - if it sales; time spent with Chandell is time well spent.

Robert Honan

Working with Chandell has transformed the way that I work and my outlook in many ways. I have done a number of Life Puzzle's programs and started with speaker training. I have improved my skills immensely through that process. I highly recommend Chandell and the Life Puzzle team.

Jeremy Streten

Chandell and her team are at the top of their game in all aspects of the services they provide. Chandell has been coaching me within my role for the past two years. The confidence I have gained since beginning coaching with Chandell is something I never would have attained without her help. Chandell has taught me a range of new skills and also introduced me to a number of different systems and processes that I see as invaluable. Chandell is not only a wonderful coach & mentor, she is an inspiration and someone you aspire to. Do not go past Chandell & the life Puzzle Team.

Jordyn Becconsall

We have entered a new era: The old sales models don’t work anymore...


Bonus For Attending: Steal My Sales Strategy Blueprint

For those who stay for the whole event you will also get the exact copy of my sales strategy blueprint ready for you to implement instantly!

Yes, I'm Ready To Significantly Scale My Sales With A Proven System



Online Event - You will be emailed a zoom link when you register

Date & Time

Wednesday March 29th
Event starts at 1oam AEDT


After 20+ years of training individuals and teams in sales, Chandell knows that you can have all the techniques, scripts, presentation tools, and practice imaginable… and STILL find sales success elusive. Her effortless selling methodology presents the missing piece.

Discover the difference that makes all the difference… and experience the joy of closing ANY KIND of sale.

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