Leadership Sales Summit


How to Master Authentically Human Sales in an AI World

Unlock Your Potential as an Influential Leader and Master of Sales

6 Modules in 2 Days: In-person training, development activities, discussion and feedback with Sales & Leadership Master Trainers Chandell Labbozzetta and Brad Greentree.

(Limited to 30 participants)

  • Are you concerned that you and your team are struggling to make meaningful connections and build trust because you don’t have the right skills?
  • Do you wonder whether AI is about to threaten your business or make you redundant?
  • Have you ever asked yourself whether you have the skills and personality to communicate with the authenticity and integrity that enables you to stand out in a manipulative world?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can master the art of authentically human sales and communicate value in a world that seems to prefer the convenience or robots - AND train your employees and team members to do likewise, then keep reading…

If you ALREADY KNOW that Humans like to connect with other Humans and want to know what makes this event uniquely valuable then here are the essential details…

WHAT: 2-Day Interactive In-Person Summit

WHEN: July 5th & 6th (with a Cocktail Party from 7pm July 5th)


COST: [You may want to up the value or change the balance if you want more VIPs]

Tickets $2995: Cocktail party + 2 full days of skill-building exercises and training, networking opportunities.

VIP Tickets (15 only) $5995 - Includes VIP Dinner & Private Session on Thursday Night with your Trainers + Accelerator Lunch on Friday

You will walk away from the 2-day Leadership Sales Summit with:

  • Proven Sales Production-Boosting Tools adapted to your own business and tested on your fellow participants;
  • A Sales Framework that you can overlay on your existing training and resources that will multiply it’s effectiveness;
  • Confidence in your ability to communicate with authenticity and integrity and use this to solve problems and boost sales.

Key #1: Sales is the #1 Life Skill

Whether you’re selecting a restaurant for dinner, getting your kids to bed, outlining a new program to colleagues, or selling a product or service to a prospect sales is part of life. Hey, we even need to sell ourselves on change from time to time! The point is, we are all in sales and so why not learn to sell with elegance, integrity, and in a way that authentically expresses your values?

Key #2: The Dying Art of Human Communication

I like technology. I use it as a tool every day, but it has serious limitations when it comes to creating connections with other people. The #1 complaint I hear from managers is that their team members don’t/won’t get on the phone or set up in-person meetings - mostly this is because they simply aren’t comfortable with this and have been conditioned to believe that it is no more effective than texts or emails.

Key #3: Discover Your Human Superpower

“I can’t do that - it’s just not my style!” was the watchword of every member of the under-performing sales team I was asked to develop. I knew they were undervaluing themselves, but I had to show them they were wrong; telling them wasn’t enough… And so I took them through some exercises to build confidence and provide them with the tools and basic skills to see them through.

Further Details on the Leadership Sales Summit

This is a PRACTICAL Summit!

It’s not theory.

I have identified - from my business experience, observation, research and study - 11 actionable items for maximum influence and impact (i.e. 11 Keys to More Sales). 6 of these are directly related to ensuring that AI remains a tool to enhance your impact, not a threat (by developing your human advantages) and these are things that I will cover in this 2-day summit.

You will emerge from this experience - should you be accepted as a participant - with a Master Checklist to boost the effectiveness of your all sales activities and assets AND with a heightened appreciation of the importance of these skills that you have learned or elevated for yourself and your team. 

You’ll also come away with several other valuable tools including my complete: “How to Design a Discover Call for YOUR Business that FILTERS out the UNqualified and Attracts Your Ideal Customers, Clients, and Patients” People pay several thousand dollars for me to take their team through this exercise, but you’ll get access to it as part of the Summit.

AND… Your Most Important Takeaway…

You will have experienced the enhanced level of understanding and influence that comes when you make these vital skills part of your communications because you will see what happens when your fellow participants apply them and you will feel it for yourself.

THEN… You will be motivated to keep practicing and refining these skills as they become engrained as part of your regular leadership and communication style and notice your growing authority and influence in every situation.

Meet the New Sales Era with Confidence

As the ‘Easy Sales Age’ (which we’ve been in since 2010) comes to an end, a growing number of business owners and sales managers are concerned about the lack of communication skills exhibited by their team members - especially in spontaneous, face-to-face interactions where they can’t rely on programmed scripts and prompts but are forced to ‘read’ the person in front of them.

It seems that social media, text, and email have sapped the ability, willingness, and even the confidence to engage with people face-to-face or by phone - even though these have been seen to multiply response rates and sales.

“So what?” - you might say - but perhaps you’ve already had the thought that many of your prospective customers and clients are having…

“Is this person real? Or am I emailing a bot, listening to a pre-recorded message, or getting fed canned scripts that don’t quite answer my question?”

With the developments in AI freely available, even the videos you watch might not feature a ‘real person’ - but it’s hard to tell. That’s why it’s important to refine (or resurrect) our communication skills - because we can still readily identify the difference between people and AI when we meet them in person, talk on the phone, and appear on Zoom. In this summit, I’m not just going to tell you why these skills are the key to multiplying your sales and influence, I’m going to show you how to teach your team about them, and we’re going to work through exercises to build your confidence and certainty. You’ll have opportunities to practice with other business owners and get constructive feedback on every aspect of your communication from the offer, to your ability to listen and read the other person, as well as your responses. 

When you take this back to your team, I guarantee that you will quickly become the people of influence in your field as you show up with an authenticity and persuasiveness that no one else has.

Who is the Leadership Sales Summit Designed For?

We’re looking for C-Suite executives and Managers who understand that their own and their team’s ability to listen actively, project confidence, respond appropriately to concerns and challenges, motivate people, and lead proactively is vital for building trust in their team members, clients, and other stakeholders. If you recognise that your communication and motivational skills need a tune up (and, let’s face it communication and sales are the most important areas for any successful manager to constantly augment) then I guarantee that you will find value in this Summit. 

Places are limited. I don’t know when all the spots will be filled, but we have a hard limit on the number of people we will accept so please put in your application today. We won’t charge your card until we have accepted your application.

What to Expect at the Leadership Sales Summit

We’re excited to welcome people back to in-person events, but this is NOT a mega-conference where you’ll be lost in the crowd - It’s designed to equip every single participant with relevant practical skill to apply for themselves and take back to their team.

Starting with the cocktail party on the Wednesday night (attendance is optional, but highly recommended as you’ll want to arrive on Wednesday anyway), you’ll meet other forward-thinking professionals who want to set their department or business (or themselves) up for success in an increasingly hostile business environment.

Sessions will start and end punctually and will be a mixture of teaching, practical activities in pairs and small groups, and brainstorming.

You’ll be guided through my carefully developed Discovery Call Qualification Process designed to deliver 100% successful outcomes and to create optimal confidence and motivation in your prospects and team members.

VIP members will also have the opportunity to dine with your trainers and get additional assistance during the event.

Why Should I Focus on Mastering Sales and Influence Right Now?

Quite simply… developing these skills is the ultimate way of DIFFERENTIATING yourself in an increasingly un-differentiated marketplace. Your personality and presence are the one thing that no-one can duplicate.

  • As a Leader
  • As a Manager
  • As an Employee

AND… Your Most Important Takeaway…

It is NOT your technical skills and knowledge that set you apart. Skills can be learned, knowledge and information can be found - it is your ability to motivate, to inspire, to think critically about problems and solutions, and to communicate a way forward with confidence and integrity that will make you invaluable to your clients, employees, and bosses. 

If you choose to ignore this reality then you risk finding yourself left behind - if you take this challenge then you will become steadily more influential and have the opportunity to transform other peoples lives as well.

If this sounds exciting, then please apply now.

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