NLP Mastery Group

Level 1 (Associate Certificate NLP)

Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between You and Life Puzzle Pty Ltd (ABN 60 132 255 193) herein referred to as Mentor 

1. Your Commitment 

The role of your NLP Master Trainer is essentially that of mentor, motivator and guide. To ensure that you keep up with the work required and/or avoid doing something stupid, and to ensure the mentoring and its fundamental philosophies are instilled correctly into your business, you will be required to input four or more hours per week business development time. This is designed to achieve the desired results within your business. 

You commit to the following:

  • Preparation – Preparation is always onerous and time consuming, but the benefit far outweighs the sacrifice of time and effort. You commit to doing the necessary preparation in order to participate at the highest level for your business and to be a better you. 
  • Abundance – ‘Giving is as important as Receiving’. You accept that abundance only shows up in your business and life to the level at which you show up. You commit to adding value to the other participants and look forward to receiving abundance back. 
  • Accountability – You recognise and embrace that top performers reach the top of their game via true accountability. Making plans and annual budgets is one thing, but the best in the world are fanatics at measuring. If you don’t want to measure, you don’t want to be held accountable. 
  • Confidentiality–You commit to the highest and strictest confidentiality among Participants and Members. The rules of the game include: what is said in the room will stay in the room and each person’s information belongs only to him/her. 
  • 100% – You commit to giving 100%. You understand if you put in 42% you’ll receive 42% or worse back. Simply, give 100% and receive 100% back. 

2. Your Investment 

Your fees will be deducted by instalments on the same date of every week/month as per the option you selected in the ‘Offer’. The date is automatically generated based on the inception date of your payments. A tax invoice/receipt will be forwarded to you on receipt of your payment. 

3. General Conditions 

a. Any mentoring is not a “QuickDiet”. It takes at least 5 years to begin to build a solid scaled business of which at least three to four years of dedicated effort is required to grow a business into a ‘lifestyle’ business and more to grow it beyond this level. We begin this agreement for 12 months and has the option/potential to roll into month by month after this period so that you attain long term and sustainable results. 

b. The Sales Growth Accelerator and Life Puzzle materials you receive are confidential and proprietary, and cannot be used, disclosed or duplicated except within your own company for your own use. These materials are unpublished works protected by copyright laws and no unauthorised copying, adaptation, distribution, storage or displays are permitted. 

c. Your program is not transferrable. It cannot be sold or given to another person. 

d. Individual components of the Mentoring/Program are not redeemable, transferrable or interchangeable if you are unable to attend or use them during the term of your membership. 

e. Our services are advisory. You bear sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in your business. You agree to forever indemnify and hold harmless your Mentors from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from your activities related to the subject matter in this document and in the NLP Mastery Program. You understand that this program is Associate and means that you may not practice techniques as a coach unless you are certified at a Practitioner Level. In the event that you wish to be certified as an NLP Practitioner we will honor the GAP between your investment and that of the 7 Day NLP Practitioner Training. 

f. While your Mentor will be providing you with guidance, direction and materials, such a role is advisory and not of actual doing the activity itself. You will be accountable for producing the results, in this way your Mentor seeks to educate, train and motivate you in order to make your ability to run a successful business a lifelong activity. 

g. 1:1 Meetings can be rescheduled, but often at the expense of desired times. If you need to reschedule a call, you agree to provide 24 hours notice or risk forfeiture of the call. It is advisable that you organize your time to attend live all group calls and in the event that you miss one you make the agreement to watch the recordings and connect with Your Master Trainer on any questions/progress. 

h. From time to time, your Mentor will be required to attend educational workshops and take vacations, as will you, and we will schedule calls around such times. 

i. Your Mentor may from time to time alter the content or structure of the mentoring as it considers necessary but at all times your Mentor will continue to provide value for money. 

j. If you are not fully satisfied with the services you have received (at any stage) we expect you to let us know at the first available point so we can work with you to rectify your concerns, as will your Mentor back to you so as to maximise your results. 

k. This agreement is the entire agreement between you and your Mentor, all prior agreements, promises or representations being merged herein. 

l. This agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria 

m. By signing this form, you agree to take full responsibility for your successes, failures, actions and inactions as a result of engaging Life Puzzle as your Mentors.