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to Client: the

tools you need to 
win new business
from your linkedin 
connections (AND OTHER SOURCES)




LinkedIn Is One Of The Most Powerful
Business Generators On The Planet.

Your ability to identify needs and
create authentic face-to-face sales conversations is the key to using this to rapidly expand your business.

In this interactive 1-Day workshop, you'll discover the hidden tools that will help you master both these skills as you use LinkedIn to connect with ideal clients AND take those conversations offline so you can deepen relationships and make profitable, long-term recurring sales.

Are you an Entrepreneur
or Business owner who...

  • Wants to work with ideal clients who pay, stay, and refer?
  • Needs more leads and sales?
  • Has the expertise and experience to Lead their Field?
  • Knows that others are finding ideal clients on LinkedIn, but it's not quite working for you?
  • Struggles to turn qualified LinkedIn connections into conversations and clients?

If you said "Yes" to two or more of these questions, then this 1-day workshop will not just change the way you engage on LinkedIn and the results you get, it will TRANSFORM your business and your profitability.

What's So Special About 

"From Connection to Client: The Tools You Need to Win New Business from Your LinkedIn Connections (and other sources)"

You've already agreed that there are some areas of your lead generation and sales that need improvement. You're probably already using LinkedIn to create connections... You may even be a power-user, but it's hard to keep up-to-date on all the latest ways to find and connect with your ideal clients.

It's even harder to know how to turn connections and interest in genuine conversations and sales.

That's why Adam and Chandell have teamed up to provide you with a simple framework for Connecting, Engaging, and Converting both online and offline. 

You get the power of global online reach, PLUS the skills to build authority and authentic relationships via virtual or in-person interactions.


As AI grows in power and prominence there's increasing suspicion in the marketplace about whether people are talking to bots or humans.

Guess what? Most of us prefer talking to people, especially when it comes to major decisions that could change the course of our business.

That's why you need to step-up your 'human' presence online while still using technology to make things faster and easier.

In this workshop that's what we'll help you do.

prominence global

Adam Houlahan

LinkedIn Authority & Growth Expert

Adam will show you the latest tools and tricks you've never heard of and demonstrate how you can set them up.

Life puzzle

Chandell Labbozzetta

Master Sales Trainer
& Leadership Expert

Chandell will show you how to turn those insights and connections into genuine conversations and irresistible offers that lead to relationships and sales.

It's a match made in heaven... The perfect combination of what, why, and how.

Two complementary authorities.

Two hyper-engaging presenters.

Both outcome focused - delivering the results YOU need.

Your investment... Just 1 day in the capital city of your choice.

"if you are such experts,
why are you giving this away?"

Good question.

As you know, we - not just here in Australia, but all over the world - are on the cusp of unpredictable change. There are some indicators, but no one really knows exactly what the world (much less the business world) will look like in 5 or 10 years.

BUT we do know some things...
1. Technology is a powerful tool and it's changing rapidly. You need to stay up-to-date or you'll get left behind.
2. People prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust.
3. Business growth lies at the intersection of these two realities.
4. Business is the engine that drives human progress and prosperity.

Adam and Chandell care about the future of Australian businesses, and we really want YOU to thrive.

If you attend this Workshop, even if you don't work with us in any other way, we KNOW that you will be better equipped to thrive, no matter what happens in the
- Economy
- Government
- Global Political Scene

You'll exit this workshop with practical tools and experience that will help you discover new opportunities and enable you to contribute to the rising tide of business growth.

Don't miss it!
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WHAT: 1-Day Prominence Global & Life Puzzle Free Event "From Connection to Client: The Tools You Need to Win New Business from Your LinkedIn Connections (and other sources)"

WHEN: May 10th 

WHERE: Ibis Melbourne Hotel & Apartments, Melbourne  

INVESTMENT: This is a FREE event, so make sure to claim your ticket before they run out

What can you Expect
From This Workshop?

  • A 5-Step Blueprint on how to find business opportunities on LinkedIn using the latest strategies known only to insiders.
  • A 5-Step Conversation Generator System showing you how to convert those business opportunities to close sales without being sleazy or annoying.
  • A fun and profitable day of development and growth. (Chandell and Adam are both known for their energetic, engaging, and entertaining ability to present valuable information in a usable fashion.)
  • The opportunity to meet other successful business owners and entrepreneurs from all around Australia.
  • More profitable, ongoing business opportunities and more satisfying customer relationships.

What Our Past Clients Say

I recognised LinkedIn was going to play a major role in our organisation, and would be similarly important to many of our clients. The name Prominence Global kept coming up whenever I asked for recommendations. We have now been working with their team for the past 18 months and can attest to their deep understanding of how this platform really works, and the ongoing research they do to remain and the leading edge of the constant updates that take place.

Paul Devereux

Collaboration and Execution Expert

Adam & Prominence Global team were fantastic! With his LinkedIn expertise, our business's lead gen system was revolutionised, no longer relying solely on word-of-mouth. The support we received was invaluable, ensuring a stable & effective strategy. Adam's global recognition in the LinkedIn space, with two published books, speaks for itself. Currently, his team is helping us reach the top 1% on LinkedIn. Highly recommend Adam & his team for their professionalism and impactful contributions!

Dale Keating

Sales Growth & Performance

We have been working with Adam for three years in the online space and have run successful events in that time. I am always blown away by his professionalism and industry knowledge. Whenever I action his recommendations it always produces great results. Highly recommend working with him and his team.

Angie Saunders

CEO of Breathe Me

With her support, expertise and encouragement I not only launched a business half-way through the program that was profitable immediately, but I had also booked speaking events, and created new programs I had not yet dreamed of.
The course was an invaluable kick-start for my business and Chandell more than delivers her promise.

Danielle Colley

Best Selling author

Kylie Harker

CRM Consultant & Business Process and Integration Specialist

Thomas Thai

Business Development Manager

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