Life Puzzle Pty Ltd and Prominence Global Pty Ltd

Terms & Conditions

Life Puzzle Pty Ltd and Prominence Global Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is established by and between Prominence Global Pty Ltd (“PG”) and Life Puzzle Pty Ltd (“Life Puzzle”), hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Providers,” and the undersigned party (“Client”). The Providers are committed to delivering a comprehensive array of coaching, consultancy, and strategic services, governed by the following terms:

Services Provided:

  1. Personalised Coaching and Strategy Sessions: The Client will engage in regular, structured sessions with a Licensed Life Puzzle Coach or a designated PG coach. These sessions will focus on various aspects of personal and business development, including but not limited to goal setting, performance evaluation, and strategic action planning tailored to the Client’s specific objectives.
  1. Business Systemisation and Operational Efficiency: To enhance business operations and personal efficiency, the Providers will assist the Client in the development and implementation of systematic approaches within their business. This includes detailed critiques and constructive feedback on the Client’s work outputs, with a special emphasis on advertising, promotional activities, and overall business systemisation.
  1. LinkedIn Strategy Implementation: The Client will collaborate with the Providers to develop and implement tailored LinkedIn strategies, suitable for the scope and capacity of the Client’s business. These strategies are crafted to not only align with but also to anticipate the evolving landscape of the Client’s industry. Regular assessments will ensure that the strategies remain effective, and adjustments will be made to adapt to market dynamics or the Client’s operational changes.
  1. Academy Ala Carte Services: As part of PG’s bespoke support offerings, the Client will have access to the Academy Ala Carte Menu, enabling them to tailor their support package. This menu includes a range of services designed to provide targeted support where it is most needed, ensuring a highly personalised and effective coaching experience.

Academy Ala Carte Menu Options:

  • Standard Monthly Service: Includes full access to training modules, monthly group-based LinkedIn strategy sessions, 1 to 1 strategy consultations, weekly accountability check-ins, and VIP tools and resources. Should you wish to discuss these options please contact
  • Optional Service Add-Ons:
    • Support Team Member Assistance
    • Campaign Setup and Implementation
    • Video Post-Production Services
  • One-Off Services:
    • Niche Strategy Development Session
    • LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Optimisation
    • Media Feature Packages
    • LinkedIn Job Advertisement Services

Client’s Commitment:

The Client agrees to actively engage with the program, integrating additional hours for program-related tasks as needed, and maintaining transparent communication with the Coach. The Client is solely responsible for the application of the program strategies in their business and for the results thereof.

General Conditions:

  • The Client and Providers have agreed to engage in regular meetings to jointly develop a coaching plan, ensuring a collaborative and dynamic approach to achieving the Client’s goals.
  • Utmost confidentiality will be upheld by both parties, with an agreement that all program materials and discussions will be treated as proprietary and private to safeguard the Client’s and Provider’s information.
  • While the Providers offer advisory services, the responsibility for the practical implementation of strategies and advice rests with the Client, emphasising their active role in the coaching process.
  • The Providers maintain the discretion to adjust the programs content or structure as needed to ensure continued value and reserve the right to substitute the Coach if necessary.
  • Open communication is encouraged, and the Client agrees to share relevant issues with the Coach, fostering effective resolution and successful goal achievement.
  • Assignments may be given by the Coach to be completed between sessions, with the expectation that the Client will commit their best efforts to these tasks.
  • The scope of coaching excludes the provision of psychological or psychiatric advice, with interventions limited to the Providers’ areas of expertise and training.
  • Program materials are confidential and exclusively for the use within the Client’s company. 
  • If the need arises to reschedule consultations, 24 hours’ notice is requested to avoid forfeiture.

Payment Terms:

  • Program Investment: The Client agrees to invest in the 6-month coaching program with a financial commitment of 6 monthly payments of $2,190. These payments will commence from the acceptance of these terms and conditions and will be due on the same date each month, corresponding to the start date of the agreement.

  • Initial and Ongoing Payments: The first payment serves as the Client’s enrolment confirmation in the program, and subsequent payments are due monthly in advance. Payments will be processed securely via Stripe to protect the Client’s financial information.

  • Automatic Deductions: To ensure uninterrupted service, the Client authorises the monthly automatic deduction of program fees from their nominated credit card.

  • Non-Refundable Fees: Given the bespoke nature of the services and the commitment to resource allocation, all fees paid under this agreement are non-refundable.

  • Taxation and Legislative Adjustments: The Client will be informed of any legislative changes affecting fees, with adjustments made in the following billing cycle.

Termination of Agreement:

This agreement represents a 6-month commitment from both the Client and the Provider to fulfil the terms and conditions as outlined. Due to the nature of planning and resource allocation required for this program:

  • The Client agrees that this agreement cannot be terminated prematurely within the 6-month commitment period.

  • In the event of exceptional circumstances that warrant consideration for early termination, such a request must be submitted in writing and will be subject to review and approval by the Provider at their sole discretion. Approval of early termination requests is not guaranteed and may incur additional fees to cover costs and commitments already made by the Provider.

Dispute Resolution:

In the unlikely event of a dispute arising from this Agreement or the services provided, both parties agree to seek resolution through mediation before pursuing other legal remedies. The mediation process will be conducted in Brisbane, Australia, providing a neutral ground for both parties to discuss and resolve their differences constructively and amicably.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Client affirms their understanding and acceptance of the outlined commitments, service provisions, and payment obligations. The Providers, in turn, pledge to deliver high-quality, personalised services aimed at supporting the Client’s business growth, personal development, and strategic objectives.